Finding the Right Fit with Your Wealth Manager

Financial management is a critical part of life. It allows us to care for ourselves and our families, pursue our passions, and prepare for an enjoyable retirement. Yet it’s not easy to understand all of the vehicles available for accumulating and distributing wealth and how they apply to your unique situation. Therefore, selecting a wealth manager who can educate you on your options and guide you along life’s journey can be the key to achieving your goals.

When you picture this individual, who do you see? Imagine a wealth manager who speaks about investments in language you can understand, not “Wall Street-ese.” Imagine a trusted advisor who knows you by name, not net worth. Imagine a wealth manager who’s as responsive as he or she is knowledgeable, and who consistently puts your needs first.

Those valuable qualities define our team of experts at Empowerment Financial Group. As a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), we are held to a legal standard of fiduciary duty, giving you the confidence that we will consistently make decisions in your best interest.

Our Ideals


By listening and learning, we work to understand where you are and where you want to be. Only then can we identify strategies to help transform your financial outlook and put in place the solutions to support them.


We are committed to being open and honest in every aspect of our communication with you. By doing so, we can help you gain the clarity you need to make sound decisions about both your finances and your future.


Getting your financial house in order is critical to achieving life goals. You can depend on us to make the journey straightforward and seamless, and can rest assured we will guide and support you every step of the way.

Our Process

Make a Difference Process
Working with a wealth manager should be easy and comfortable. Simultaneously, it should help you yield results. With these fundamentals in mind, we’ve developed and refined our proprietary Make a Difference Process.

This dynamic process focuses on what’s important to you and your family, and pinpoints how we can help you capture your ideal life. It allows us to concentrate on what can be controlled to help align your financial plans with your values and priorities. Ultimately, this team-based endeavor ensures that Empowerment Financial Group makes a real, positive difference in the aspects of life that are most important to you. Schedule a complimentary consultation to get started.

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