Master the Fundamentals of Business Exit Planning

As a business owner, there will be a day when it comes time to leave your business for good. Your exit could be planned or unplanned, and you may need the proceeds from the sale to fund a new adventure, your retirement lifestyle, a legacy for loved ones or a combination of these options. Regardless, the sooner you start to prepare, the easier it will be to receive maximum value for all your efforts.

Empowerment Financial Group has worked closely with business owners small and large in various industries to deliver the benefits produced by proper planning. By working in tandem with a CPA, valuation expert and other professionals, we can help you confidently address the “when” and “how” of business exit planning using a holistic approach that sets you up for strategic success.

With the right help and support, can you protect both the business and your family, making the transition a seamless win-win for everyone involved. Ultimately, developing a proven process and plan of coordinated action can provide you with a sense of peace knowing that you can reap the rewards from a life of hard work. Contact us to get started discussing your vision for the future and working to achieve it.

Plan Components

Our planning process takes into account each of the following items:

  • Understanding your exit objectives
  • Identifying your business and personal financial resources
  • Building and preserving business value
  • Selling your company to a third party
  • Transferring your ownership to insiders
  • Ensuring business continuity in case of unplanned events
  • Addressing personal wealth and estate planning goals

Plan Strategies

In order to optimize your exit, we may incorporate the following techniques:

  • Business valuation services
  • Key person insurance
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Executive bonus plans
  • Non-qualified executive compensation strategies
  • Retirement plan funding, design and management
  • And many more alternatives