Plan with Purpose Using Terror-Free Investing

Every dollar invested generates a consequence. Those dollars can be directed toward good or they can be spent to do evil. Unfortunately, millions of investors have no idea their retirement and investment accounts are invested in companies that may directly or indirectly help fund terrorism, nuclear proliferation and some of the most horrendous human rights abuses the world has ever seen.

How Terror-Free Investing Works

Empowerment Financial Group’s Terror-Free Investing™ (TFI) options make those investors aware and help them take a stand. Modeled after the successful anti-apartheid movement to divest from South Africa and the “green” investing movement, TFI was born in 2007, when Mark Langerman, Managing Director and CEO of Empowerment Financial Group, had a career-changing experience. Along with a client, Mark flew to Washington, D.C. for a symposium where he learned about the power of divestment movements in changing corporate behavior. At that time several State pension funds had mobilized and made the commitment to clean up their portfolios and liquidate stocks and bonds of companies doing business in Iran and other state sponsors of terror. Mark then realized that Americans had the power to reshape our world by using our influence as investors to impact state sponsors of terrorism. His eyes were opened to a new way of putting money to work.

Within months, Mark, his partner Paul Seidman and their team began to offer clients “a values-based investment strategy” via portfolios that were pre-screened to exclude the stocks and bonds of the more than 800 global companies, including many based in the United States, who still do business with countries deemed to be state sponsors of terrorism by the U.S. State Department – Iran, Syria, Sudan and rogue nations like North Korea. These countries need the help and support of Western companies to run their economies and commerce.

With our help and the power of Terror-Free Investing, it’s possible to manage your wealth while you make a financial and moral impact in the war on terrorism. It’s the investor equivalent of consumer activism “voting with your pocketbook,” a fast-growing movement of aware, ethically responsible investors determined to take a stand.

Taking a stand is the essence of TFI, but not the only benefit. Investing terror-free also potentially reduces investment risk by avoiding investment in volatile, terrorism-dependent economies (countries deemed by the Unites States Securities and Exchange Commission to have high “global security risks”). TFI is investment with a purpose, a movement meant to change corporate behavior and reward investors with a clear conscience. Contact Empowerment Financial Group and join our mission “to fight terrorism one informed investor at a time.”